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Ydrea Yacht company

Ydrea Yachts is a new company established on purpose to contribute full vacation packages in Greek waters.


The founder of the company YDREA is Kostas Tsigaris who’s 30 years experience in the field of Yachting can guarantee the full and complete coverage of your needs during your vacations in Greece before they even started.


Kostas Tsigaris began his professional career in YACHTING in 1976 as a technical manager in the biggest company that period in Greece “Yachting enterprises”. From 1984 until 1994 worked as technical manager with “Island Sailing” and “Sunsail”. From 1994 until 2000 was manager at Wander Sailing Holidays and from 2000 until 2007 he worked as base manager and Operation Manager for “THE MOORINGS-GREECE”. In July 2007 he established Ydrea Yachts.In 2011 he was asked to establish a new Base in Athens for “Sunsail” and “THE MOORINGS”.He managed the base until the end of 2017 when he resigned and decided to work fulltime again for Ydrea Yachts.

Why us?

Even if Ydrea Yachts is a new company the experience of the stuff and the desire for something fresh in Yachting can Guarantee you the most comfortable vacations. The company still runs in a friendly and hospitable manner with its clients and not a typical professional way.